Pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree

How to Identify a Pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree


Kanjivaram silk sarees stand as the inspirational symbol of many women, depicting grace, tradition, and world-class luxury. These amazing sarees are usually the ones that are handed down from one generation to another apart from their opulence they also have a distinctive weave. This situation is, however, exacerbated by the large-scale unlicensed circulation of fake products, which makes it an arduous task to discern between a real and fake Kanjivaram saree. This article is going to provide you the main rules to help the customers identify a real Kanjivaram silk saree, so they can buy it well-informed.

Origins and Evolution

Located in the Tamil Nadu region of Southern India, Kanjivaram silk sarees are products of Kanchipuram's weaving industry which has been famous for its weaving skills since ancient times. The pure mulberry silk and gold or silver zari used by weavers to make these amazing sarees date the tradition back over 400 years. From time to time, it has expanded to mix up different patterns and designs that express the cultural richness of the area.RehumanizeCultural SignificanceThese sarees are much more than just textiles, they are a proof of India's ancient art of weaving.

People worship them as fortunes of luxury and grace, they are mainly worn at events reflecting which society is materialistic and which is not. All weaving and design skills required to make a pure Kanjivaram saree make it a treasured item.Characteristics of Pure Kanjivaram Silk SareesUnique FeaturesAuthentic Kanjivaram sarees are long-lasting and have a shiny appearance. The saree is woven in a very special way such that the body and border of it are made separately then they are interconnected later on. Thus, this method commonly called as Korvai is a token of innovation and durability for a saree

.Materials Used in Kanjivaram Silk Sarees Types of Silk Pure mulberry silk is the main material and it has soft texture and shines. Before weaved the silk threads are handpicked carefully and dyed. Use of Zari In Kanjivaram sarees, Zari- which is a thread made from either gold or silver is used in them. The pure zari is made by winding silk threads with silver or gold color; imitation zari is created using synthetic materials. Identifying Pure Silk Visual Inspection A pure Kanjivaram silk

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